About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to help fund, support, and strengthen Fremont High School Athletics.

Our Purpose

(a) To conduct fundraising activities that raise money to support and bridge the Fremont High School athletic budget. Funds are raised through concession sales, member donations, sponsor donations, spirit wear sales and other events.

(b) To build community for all Fremont athletics. This is accomplished by cultivating a volunteer base, supporting school spirit, and enhancing the fan experience by offering concessions at team events when viable.

(c) To facilitate recognition of Fremont Athletes and coaches by sponsorship of the Varsity Letter “F” and supporting annual athletic recognition.

Who We Are

Fremont Athletic Boosters is made up of Parents, Students, Coaches, Staff, Alumni and Friends of FHS who want to assist the development of FHS Athletic teams and through the teams, the individual athlete.  We focus on supporting a team where there is shortfall in what the school can budget for a team.  We fund those items that can be used by many players or benefit the school as a whole.  Our main sources of income are Concessions Sales, Spirit Wear Sales, Membership Fees and Sponsorship.

Who We Support

When your company becomes a sponsor, you are making a difference in the lives of all our students athletes. Become a sponsor and help us give a boost to their growth.

Officers of the Board

For a description of the duties of the Board, please refer to our By-Laws.


Jennifer Gray

Volunteer Coordinator



Amber Johnsen


Rebecca Brown


Lisa Hiatt


Sylvia Fernando

Spirit Wear

Kristina Brusco

Past Donations

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